Lessons We Can Learn From Nature: The Superpower of Choice

Jellyfish can’t choose their behavior but they are happy mindlessly floating around with no direction. Illustration by Everestt.

All Organisms Have Superpowers

Just a fish doing simple fish things. Not a bad life. But humans need more than that in my opinion. Photo by @Matthew_T_Rader on Unsplash

Don’t Make Excuses or Life Will Excuse You

It was really difficult to learn how to find bird nests for the research project I was woking on but with lots of daily practice and effort I eventually became an expert and got to see these beautiful newborn Wrentit birds up close on a private wildlife reserve comepletely alone, just me and nature. These were some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had to date but it took a lot of effort (including a college degree) to get there. Photo by Everestt.

We Choose Our Actions

Photo by Mai Moeslund on Unsplash


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