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I’m currently Airbnb-hopping throughout America and spent the last 5 weeks in Boise, Idaho. Here’s a short list of the key ingredients that will make it your next destination.

  1. Nature AF. Boise boasts a massive collection of giant green grassy parks and wide rivers. All of them are dog friendly as well which made it even more fun. Most of them are on-leash but no one really enforces the leash law. …

One second I’m walking my dog with my girlfriend complaining about a mild stomach ache, the next second I’m blind, deaf, and collapsing under the weight of my body.

Glued to the ground, unable to hear or see my girlfriend screaming and crying, all I can manage to mutter is “I’m okay, I’m okay,” because for me it was strangely peaceful to surrender to the sensation of my body shutting down. The silence and darkness that engulfed me was everything I’ve imagined reaching a deep state of meditation might resemble.

However, I had forgotten that my body had decided to…

They say the greater the stench the bigger the reward

A cornerstone of the human experience is seeking to become one’s highest self; essentially, being a better person. However it is often difficult to achieve this given that humans tend to follow the herd and do what’s comfortable and routine which rarely yields significant growth. Therefore it has become apparent that we must find unconventional methods to increase our self worth, confidence, and general goodness as a human being, and picking up dog poop is becoming increasingly popular as a means to achieve this.

5 Reasons Why Picking Up Dog Poop Makes You A Better Human

*Note that this must be done…

Painting & photo by Everestt

Of what are we afraid

Painting & photo by Everestt

My mind is a cave

Writing through writer’s block

Inspiration lies just beyond the web of doubt. Painting & picture by Everestt.

Resistance is a web of doubt spiders spin in simple minds

Complicating ruminating thoughts like a maze

Trapping travelers in an endless daze


Resistance is a cloud of confusion storm chasers find

Whipping their heads in different directions

Hoping to center on peaceful perfections


Resistance is the notion of not having enough time

Lost in an ocean of numbers that lie

Chasing the clock that circles the sky


Resistance is the temptation of a bottle of wine

A fantasy created to mix up the bored

An idea that’s better when written not poured


Resistance is denying…

Story of my life

Painting & photo by Everestt

I’m a peaceful hurricane

My thoughts drive me insane

Incessantly bashing my brain

Jumping from idea to idea

Faster than a grasshopper on crack

Flowing like verbal diarrhea

I swear I’m under attack

…Sit back and relax…

Break down the emotional stacks

I meditate like a gamer digging for hacks

Closing my eyes I drop into space

Diving deeper my heart slows its pace

I crash into walls

The mind’s stormy layers

But patience isn’t a race

I climb each one slowly, a meticulous player

Searching for the eye buried deep in my face

It’s here where I lie


A poem to free you of your past

Painting & photo by Everestt.

I saw a six year old child

Barely smiled

He saw me and quickly looked down

Heart racing

Thoughts pacing

Eyes pretending to study the ground

I asked why is this

The emotion you choose

With a sigh he mumbled

“Just look at my shoes”

I said they look pretty cool

“They didn’t think so at school”

Well kids are mean, just try not to care

“But how do I ignore everyone’s stare”

See your shoes are a reflection of the uniqueness in you

They get you attention since they’re something new

What makes you stand out is nothing to…

Beyond grateful for my crazy dog. Photo by Everestt.

How to play the gratitude game

I used to hate being alive. My heart was an empty cup that would remain empty no matter how much garbage I would fill it up with. I tried filling my cup with alcohol, exercise, drugs, food, movies, games, hiking, social media, pep talks in the mirror, art, music, sleep, meditation, healthy food trends, fake smiles, and forced conversations. But it all felt meaningless until I started playing the gratitude game.

My life completely changed when I gave up the pursuit of happiness and began to seek peace through gratitude instead. I’ve found that seeking happiness only creates a deeper…



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